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We are listening…

So, we went to CannaCon Boston…wow! We met so many great people!  Am I gushing? It was a great experience, we were able to talk about our craft and exchange information. It was also an inspiring experience. Yes, we were all there to sell our products but nonetheless, there was a sense of collaboration and support that was incredible!

We met lots of great people who shared their experiences and how CBD works for them. I listened, and this is want I heard…. Tinctures.

People like tinctures because of the rapid effects. Tinctures are taken sublingually generally will have an effect in a few minutes. Our capsules are intended to be slow release, so they last longer, but also can take one or two hours to work. I also find it easy to swallow capsules, but some people prefer a Tincture. The learning experience is yes you rely on your personal experience, but you also must expand and listen to others.

I am happy to announce our new product line…. Drops Naturals!

We have 2 tinctures available, 380 mg and 1200 mg CBD per 1 oz bottle. Which means for the 380 mg, every full dropper contains 10 mg and in the 1200 mg bottle, every full dropper contains 32 mg. You can take this sublingually or add it to food. Do not heat the solution, it will degrade all the nutritional value of the hemp oil.


…. We hear you!

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