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The Renaissance for Cannabis

Cannabis is a plant that originated in the Yunnan province of China and then spread throughout the world via silk road traders, gradually developing into many different varieties due to environmental pressures making them adapt to new places as well as human interaction through cultivation and breeding.

Most people associate Cannabis with popular names such as Hemp, pot, weed, marijuana, grass, herb, ganja, and also associate it with a material that is smoked to get high. But Cannabis is much, much more than this and has an incredible amount of potential, not only as a supplement and topical but also for uses such as structural and clothing materials through its fiber. I would not be surprised if we are in a renaissance of old varieties being re-discovered and new varieties being made because of changing laws in this and other countries…taking us out of decades of “dark ages” where Cannabis was shunned due to politics, bigotry, greed and short sightedness.

There are three types of Cannabis species that are of most interest as potential medicinal plants: Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indicia, and Cannabis ruderalis.

But things are even more complicated. Within each of these there are many different stains with different cannabinoid profiles and structural profiles and most commonly, the plants include at least some genetics from more than one species, such as 80% indicia and 20% sativa. Among these strains there are strains that have very low THC, and very high CBD. We only source materials that have less than 0.3% THC. This is both so that legally the material is designated as “Hemp” and so that we don’t give you something that will make you high.

So …hEmpower yourself and enjoy the benefits of the wonderful Cannabis plant by trying some of our products.

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