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The Quiet Smarter Sister of THC

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So… why CBD?
The legalization of marijuana has been in the news for several years along with it’s many uses, and possible drawbacks associated with its psychoactive component-THC. But there is another relative of THC without all the drama and much to offer-CBD. CBD has so many possibilities and yet has been ignored for almost a century in this country.

Hemp was used in ancient China (6000BCE) as a source of food, textiles and medicaments. Hemp also features as a common crop throughout the development of western and eastern civilization. It is an environmentally friendly crop and uses 2/3 less water than cotton and absorbs more carbon than cotton. For better or for worse, hemp is irrevocably tied to marijuana, both are in the same family, being a subspecies of Cannabis sativa L. But marijuana contains high levels of THC while Hemp contains high levels of CBD.

One sister got the pizzazz, and the other the brains-what can you do?

CBD is slowly emerging with its own image through the legalization of industrial hemp allowing much needed research to be performed to determine the true extent of it’s possibilities. We love being on the forefront of a movement of reinstating an ancient multi-purpose crop back into our civilization. We hope that we can provide products that empower you to a better life.

We celebrate with all the smart sisters out there!