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Like Drinking from a Firehose

Go to a conference and have a drink!


We are so happy with all the support and interest we got at last week’s CannaCon in Boston. We ran out of flyers, 3D printed keychains, and pens…If you can’t get some free stuff at a conference why bother?


We also made some great contacts and sales.


Of course, we care about the sales, but we also love hearing from you, your stories, your ideas and your suggestions. Got great feedback! Thanks!


We just love talking about our products and how we make them.


Also love to offer a product that can help people improve their quality of life. That’s where we want to be.


From what we heard many of you like tinctures, so we’ve ordered the CBD oil and bottles and will be offering tinctures soon.


Also, lots of questions about doses so we’re going to offer a sample pack with a variety of our capsules so our customers can try the capsules without the larger financial commitment the 30 capsule bottles require.


Talking to you guys was like drinking from a firehose…but we are up to the task.


Thanks for all the support, sales and suggestions!!!

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