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It’s All About hEmpowerment

Go ahead and be hEmpowered!

Customers asked for higher dosage capsules, so we are pleased to announce the launch of our XTal Naturals 50 mg CBD capsules!

So how is it different from our 10, 20, and 30 mg HEMP Naturals capsules? (apart from the higher dosage)

Our Hemp Naturals products use full spectrum hemp oil which comes from hemp plants. So basically, the plant oils are extracted giving the full spectrum of oils and oil soluble compounds in the plant. The highest concentration we can consistently get is enough to make 30 mg CBD because there is only so much CBD found when you extract oils from hemp.

It turns out there are ways to separate out the CBD from the rest of the compounds and oils. The most common methods are by precipitation and crystallization. This produces a CBD “isolate” or a “crystalline” CBD, which is a white powder.

In our new product, the crystalline CBD is dissolved in organic hemp seed oil at concentrations to give 50 mg per capsule.

Of course, you could take five 10mg capsules, or 20mg and 30mg…I won’t stop you and I do believe there are positives to the full spectrum hemp oil…they are great products…but it will cost more than using the 50 mg capsules if you want a high dose of CBD.

Also, we’re all about choices, for some people the XTal Naturals will be the best way to go, for others Hemp Naturals.

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