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hEmpower Your Pets with Pals Naturals

We have a new product for Pets called Pals Naturals. It’s a full spectrum CBD in Hemp oil and formulated for your furry pal.

We like pets, especially of the “walk on four legs” and not too big variety. We had a dog, who we loved. She joined us while we had small children and she was the most protective sweet dog you can imagine…and so patient. She passed away several years ago and now we have a cat that our daughter brought home from a shelter. It’s a friendly cat who loves to sit on my shoulder and hangs out with me when I work at home.

When our dog was getting old, she started having hip problems and couldn’t get up the stairs. So, I had to carry her up the stairs so she could sleep in our room. I remember her noble and expectant look every night, basically saying, “don’t forget me when you go upstairs.” If I had known about CBD back then I would have tried it on her.

Everything I have read about CBD and pets indicates it is useful for similar things we humans take it for and I’m not going to summarize it here. Just google “Pets and CBD” and you’ll get plenty of hits-some BS but some good advice.

So, should you give your pet Pals Naturals? I don’t know, but you are charged with taking care of your pet and to make sure they are comfortable. Read up about it and talk to your vet and then if you think it’s appropriate give it a try for your pet.

If you do want to try CBD for your pet the amounts, we’ve seen that suggested amounts are about 1mg for every 10lb of weight. We formulated Pals Naturals so that each dropper delivers 5mg of CBD, and since each dropper has about 30 drops, there are 6 drops per mg. So you would need 6 drops for every 10 pound.


1 dropper = 5mg

6 drops = 1mg

use 1mg per 10 pound.

If you have a large animal like a 50-pound dog, you could use a full dropper.

For a smaller animal like a 10-pound cat you woud count out 6 drops. We hope our product can help keep your pet happy and healthy.

We’re here to hEmpower you, and now your pets too!

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