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Adventures of New Products

Every Baby is Beautiful…

I’m in the process of formulating lip balm which basically is finding the right ingredients and mixing them together to get a product with the right consistency and concentrations of actives. It’s challenging but I have fun doing it! Of course, once you’re invested in making something new, it’s your baby and you might not be the best critic. So you go to a friend, not any old friend, but a real friend who will try not to hurt your feelings but will give you an honest opinion. So I did that, asked a friend to try the lip balm and give their honest opinion on the look, smell, and feel.

First impression was. “Wow this is so perfect you are a genius.”

…..Ok, reality now…..

First impression was “Wow, what a weird color.”

(They did then say the feel and smell was good and they liked it.)

Huh….I didn’t really give the color much thought because I’m used to the color of full spectrum hemp extract, but to most people, it’s….well …ugly.

Full spectrum CBD oil does not look anything like hemp seed oil or any oil you are used to.  It is dark and thick because it is less processed than hemp seed oil. The whole idea of full spectrum hemp extract is to get all the good stuff from the plant such as cannabinoids, terpenes, and omega fatty acids. This allows for a synergistic effect much like eating an orange opposed to taking a vitamin C tablet. Don’t get me wrong, both an orange and a vitamin C tablet have their uses, limitations, and advantages. For example, if you are very deficient in vitamin C, your doctor might recommend you take vitamin C tablets. Similarly, if you want a high dose of CBD you might have to use a purified form of Hemp oil, such as a CBD isolate, so you don’t have to take multiple pills of full spectrum hemp oil. We are planning on making 50mg tablets, and for these, we use an isolate dissolved in organic hemp seed oil…that will be another product that we are ready to launch, our CBD XTal Naturals capsules.

…not really.

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