About Us


We are a woman-owned and family run business. We are lovers of natural ingredients, the outdoors and home remedies. This speaks to our commitment and belief in personal empowerment. To us personal empowerment is the freedom to live life as we see fit and to do what we love. An extension of these beliefs is evident in our kitchen. We love to cook our own food with fresh, quality ingredients, and always scrutinize what we bring to our table. We take the same attitude with our products, carefully choosing our suppliers and ingredients.


We aim to provide products made with natural ingredients in innovative ways to help improve people’s lives. We buy only non-GMO and pesticide free products. Our full spectrum hemp oil is US grown and sourced from distributors of high quality products who can provide third party certified analysis of the purity of the ingredients. We formulate for precision and freshness, and package the products using state of the art filling methods and equipment designed for accurate and food safe packaging.

Meet Our Team


President. Organizer. Formulation expert. Scientist. Mentor. Mom.

Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.


Engineering. Design. Inventor. Musician. Writer. Dad.

Don’t forget to learn something new every day.

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