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CBD Capsules

Hemp Naturals: CBD in full spectrum hemp oil

30 capsules per bottle.


Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

1oz (30ml)

Higher Dose

  50 mg CBD per dose

3 choices


Sprays, Salves and Lip Balm

All our topicals are made with broad spectrum CBD

Our products contain full spectrum hemp oil with naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes. Choose Drops Naturals for rapid effect and Hemp Naturals for extended relief. For a higher dose choose Xtal Naturals, our CBD isolate in organic hemp seed oil, or HEMPplus Naturals and DROPSplus Naturals, a hybrid blend of full spectrum hemp oil and CBD isolate. Now you can also share the benefits of full spectrum hemp oil with your pets choosing Pals Naturals. For your sweet tooth we have Lime Naturals, Lemon Naturals and Banana Naturals, full spectrum hemp oil hard candies. As the first of our topicals we offer Lix Naturals hemp lip balm containing full spectrum hemp oil.
TIBI Naturals uses only organic materials sourced in the US and Canada.

TIBI Naturals
means Naturals for You

Our customers are conscientious about their well-being and will research their best options. TIBI Naturals provides carefully crafted products giving You concrete alternatives.


Our hemp extract products are made from a variety of Cannabis plants which have been selectively bred to produce a cannabinoid spectrum with high levels of CBD and minimum levels of THC (less than 0.3% THC). Therefore, our products contain CBD and other phytocannabinoids but do not include enough THC to be “high-inducing.”
Hemp products have been used since antiquity for making herbal supplements, topical oils and teas to aid in pain relief. Due to DSHEA guidelines we are prohibited to claim the health benefits of hemp products. We recommend you research your options and discuss these with your medical practitioner.

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